Many of the OSHA standards, and even your internal safety policies, require annual audits and inspections to stay in compliance. It is imperative that these audits are not only completed, but that the audits are properly documented, and many times certified to ensure compliance.

With all the things going on at the worksite, at times the annual audits can fail to be completed, or they are only partially done.

Audits and inspections need to be more than just a pencil-whipped form for them to be effective. The focus of an audit should be to find the root-cause of the issues and recommend corrective actions accordingly.

Below is a listing of some of the safety audit services our team can provide for your facility:

* Facility Safety Audits

* Safety Focused Gemba Walks

* Kaizen Events

* Ergonomic Audits

* PPE Assessments

* Lockout/Energy Control Periodic Inspections

* Electrical Safe Work Practices (Field Work) Audits

* Fall Protection Inspections and Equipment Recertification

* Facility Identification and Safety Signage

* 5S Lean Methodology

* Process Safety

* Confined Space Assessments

* Job Hazard Reviews and Analysis

* Mock OSHA Audits

* Fire Extinguisher Inspections

* and Many More!

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